Friday, March 12, 2010

Vietnam #2: Mekong Delta

Well. If you scroll down you will see that there is a large amount of pictures in this post. Im not too keen on putting this many up but I just couldnt edit, Mekong Delta was that amazing.
I took a trip down to the Delta with Jackie and our friend Jimmy.
Together, Jackie, Jimmy, and I found a small tour company to take us on what was a VERY "back roads" tour.
And yes, we had the absolute time of our lives.

Our tour guide, Khai, made us eat numerous amounts of Star Apples, this is only a small portion of the ones we ate.
We got to do a Home Stay for lunch and eat at a local Vietnamese woman's house.
She cooked us an amazing meal.
BEST tofu I've ever had.
Then we came outside and she set up hammocks for us to relax in before
our big biking adventure!

Here is our tour guide, Khai, and our Hostess for lunch.

This baby deserves an award, does he not?

Being bombarded by children on our bike tour!
Seriously great moment.

That bike ride was AMAZING.
Amazing and hot.
But more amazing than hot.
And now, our shuttle boat ride to Can Tho.
Mom: Are you proud of my sun protection??

Okay. This is epic.
We went out to dinner and by our tour guide's suggestion we ordered snake.
The waiter then asked if we wanted to see them kill it before they cooked it.
And we said "HELL YES."
So we did. We watched him kill the snake in the kitchen.
And thats not even all...
(please keep scrolling...)

They then asked Jimmy to eat the beating heart.
And what did Jimmy do??

Jimmy ate that heart.
They told him it would make him stronger,
and I think it definitely did.

Here we are at the Floating Market of Can Tho in the Mekong River.

Making rice paper!

Vietnamese Ice Coffee=Heaven.

All and all, it was a GREAT trip.
Off the path, remote, and fun.
I will be returning to Vietnam so whomever wants to join can sign up anytime.

Currently I am blogging from Delhi, India!
Tomorrow the Taj Mahal.
Someone pinch me please.

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  1. Sorry couldn't get past the snake...yuck and then some. Loved your sun protection, but I guess you could turn it over and it would be your soup bowl...very ingenious.
    Loved the pics but next time pass over the snake...
    Aunt Mickey