Sunday, February 21, 2010

Welcome to China!

Here we are! In Shanghai!!
The feeling of waking up and seeing a new and exciting city is the greatest in the world.

We have been in China during the Chinese New Year, which is a huge break for everyone here and has also created MASS amounts of people in tiny places.

Pretty flowers at our hotel!

Did I mention my parents met me in Shanghai??!?

This dancing child is worth 1,000,000,000,000 YouTube hits.

Inspiring ad in the subway station.

Arent my parents a handsome couple?
Photo taken at Dad's favorite martini bar in Shanghai.

Pearl market after martinis isnt always the best choice.
After two days in Shanghai my parents and I traveled to Gulin and drove to Yangshou with our wonderful Gulin tour guide, Cherry.

This is the beginning of the most amazing rafting trip. It was so insanely beautiful and exotic. I was literally speechless the entire time.

My mom and I were given the cutest flower crowns; I now am positive I will wear one on my wedding day.

Cherry took us to a beautiful cave in Gulin.
(Yes, her name was Cherry. Mom called her Candy once by accident.)

The last few days we have been in Hong Kong. Its an amazing city, I think my favorite so far. Cant wait to share pics very very soon!

Also, a brief shoutout to my sister and her friends who I heard were checking out this blog. Thanks so much!!
So I have 3 more viewers, thats 5 including my parents!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Kyoto: The Land of Perfect Lighting.

Hello all. I am currently writing from Hong Kong! Here are some updated pics from the second part of my Japan trip in Kyoto. Kyoto was simply astounding. I could have spent a whole other lifetime in Kyoto; however, there are other adventures to be had!
We stumbled upon so many breathtaking shrines and temples, as well as hilarious characters such as the owner of the World's Smallest Museum.

Not the most flattering picture of me but hey, this temple is pretty cool, huh?

Next up Shanghai, Yangshou, and Hong Kong!!! Stay tuned.