Friday, February 12, 2010

Japan Part 1: Tokyo

Japan, Japan, Japan. Where, oh where do I begin?
Well. The day started with large amounts of excitement when we arrived at breakfast and saw the gorgeous mountains and city views of Yokohama. Well this excitement and happiness came after the lowest of lows. The day before we arrived the swells of the ocean were causing our ship to rock violently. Everything was flying off our shelves and Jackie and myself had a long curse fest. THEN ohhh then they told us we would be late to Japan, how late? LATE! We wanted to scream and curse and hurt anything with a sailors uniform. Poseidon was not on our side. Probably because the jack-asses on the ship felt the need to screen the Super Bowl and this made the God of the Ocean very very angry.
But just as luck would have it, the swells got better and we arrived to Yokohama almost on time!
As soon as we got off the ship, Jackie and I made a mad dash to Tokyo, where all the wonders of the world were waiting for us.
So here are a bunch of photos. The first three are from Harajuku.
The last ones were a festival that Jackie and I stumbled upon at the Meiji Shrine. There was so much going on and even after asking many many people about it, we still have no clue what occurred.

Japan Part II to come very soon! I cant wait to be in China with my parents in 2 days, especially because they are the only ones who look at this blog....

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