Thursday, January 28, 2010

At yet, another Coffee shop.

Today is my day of reflection and internet in Honolulu being spent all by my lonesome. I needed some time to be by myself today. Sometimes you just need your own thoughts, ya know?

Honolulu is amazing. I feel so far away when I talk to my mom and she says its 9 degrees!!! Ouch, Im here, sweating! Cant complain, huh?

Last night I went to a local sushi restaurant with a group of about 14 kids. It was so great. I had some ahi that changed my life and some tataki sashimi that went down like water. I dont normally clear my plate, but I ate everything on that plate. MMMM! Made me super excited for Japan in about 11 days, to eat some sushi in the mekka of all maki!

11 days of boat food...we will definitely deserve all of the sushi and noodles we eat in Japan. The best diet ever is boat food because I would rather go hungry than eat gross pasta and weird fish... Ok mikey stop being a snob....

And finally, here are some pictures! Yay!!

Life on the boat... Looking around and seeing nothing but water!!!

When we got to Hawaii I took some pictures but I was so glad to be on land I didnt really want to waste my time with my HUGE camera out, so I didnt over load on pics. But here are some:

Ill have some more Hawaii pics later!

And also, eventually Ill have a post on amazing trees Iv seen. Seriously, epic trees in this world of ours. Especially in our very own state of Hawaii, which Im pretty sure is the most amazing place on earth. Looks like a backdrop all the time.

Alright Im going to catch some rays and miss my friends, family, and my boyfriend. But dont flatter yourselves I wont be bottom dwelling too much, hell its 88 degrees out, what is there to bitch about?!?!?

Love you all!

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  1. Dad and I are so happy you are doing this, we are both sitting on the couch at home looking at your pictures. You are really seeing the world in a way none of us ever have. We love you so much, give the ocean our regards!