Monday, March 1, 2010

To Vietnam we go: Ho Chi Minh City

Wow! Two posts one day! With this shotty internet that is a major victory.
My last day in Vietnam. What a beautiful country.
I wasnt sure what to expect, leading up to our arrival our lectures all focused on the war and the effects it had on the veterans from the US. So i was anxious to see the other side of things and begin to understand the impact the war had on the amazing country of Vietnam.
About 3,000,000 Vietnamese people were killed during the Vietnam War.
But the country is not focused around the past, there is a very positive attitude towards the future of Vietnam.
My time spent here was based in the southern part of the country, which is the agricultural side of the country.
All of the pictures below are from Ho Chi Minh City and our trip to the Cu Chi Tunnels.

Here is the War Remnants Museum.
This visit was very sad and hard to see but it was very eye opening.

Here is our guide at the Cu Chi Tunnels!
This trip was so much fun, I didnt think i would make it considering I had 3 hours of sleep the night before, but Im definitely glad I got up to climb through these tiny tunnels!

Here I am at the shooting range. I didnt think I ever wanted to shoot a gun, but I did for the first time: It was an AK47 in 'Nam.
Pretty insane right?

hahhaa Every time I shot everyone would laugh at me.
Probably because I literally jumped up each time.
So proud I did it, I bought many trinkets including this ridiculous hat and a necklace with a bullet shell on it.
Tres, tres chic.

Vietnam is full of so much natural beauty.

Our tour guide wanted us to take a shot after the tunnels. However after the night I had before the field trip, I could not get myself to do it.
I have so many more pics to share from my trip to the Mekong Delta!
I had a great time with my two partners Jackie and Jimmy. We went on the most remote, local tour and had an absolute blast!
Im off to the ship where I will be awaiting my 8 day stretch all the way to India!
Cant wait to chill for a while on the ship and catch up on reading, emails, and life, as well as do all my research for what I think will be the most amazing destination of all: India.
To my friends and family: I miss you all so very much.
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  1. You are the only person in our family who has ever shot a gun. Are we going to have to brain wash you when you get home? Are you a changed person like when we went to Chucky Cheese for the first time?
    Your Mom

  2. Wow mom I dont know what the means, regardless im laughing out loud right now.
    Your Daughter

  3. I just love the picture of you after you did it...what confidence and what determination!! A true Cohlmia...all the way. Keep on tracking Mikey! So fun to see the world through your eyes. I have to ask what was in the bottle being petrified or something...rather scary. Hope you didn't have it for lunch.
    Miss you so much and love you so much.
    Aunt Mickey