Monday, March 1, 2010

Hong Kong: A Dream City

One our way to the Peak to look out on to Hong Kong!

The restaurant we ate at on the Peak. A very special brunch, to say the least.

In my favorite area of Hong Kong, Hollywood Rd. So many amazing antique stores.

Here is the view from one of the loveliest restaurants I have ever been to.

Here we are at the biggest Buddha in the world.

AND to end our trip we ventured to the most magical place of all,

Hong Kong was a dream city. I would move there in a heart beat.
Today I am blogging from a cafe in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
It is my last day here and I have so many photos to share.
We went to the Mekong Delta and around Ho Chi Minh.
So far Vietnam has exceeded all of my expectations.
This has been the first port that feels really out of my element and I love that feeling.
Cant wait to share everything with you all, I hope I can upload the photos before India
(which is next week!!!)
But it may be a week or so if I cant get it done before today, so we shall see.

Whoever may be peaking at this blog, thank you so much!
Im really missing my friends and family so much because I wish I could be seeing these places with them by my side.
Love you all!
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  1. I love Mickey Mouse dressed in Geisha clothes...too funny, but it just shows you the world loves Mickey!!! ha ha ha!!! Love the picture of you with Mom and Dad and I was so glad that they were there with you because I got to spend time with precious India!
    You are so blessed to have such an awesome family. Lucky girl and lucky me to be your Aunt!
    Love the pictures of Hong Kong...very elaborate and I love your hat. May I borrow it sometime.
    Aunt Mickey