Wednesday, May 5, 2010

South Africa: Cape to Kruger

Hello from AMERICA!!!
I have made it back in one piece.
And now with UNLIMITED, UNRESTRICTED internet I can finish my blog posts!
So lets pretend that I just left the magical land of South Africa and posted these pictures...
First up are the photos from Jackie and my Table Mountain adventure!
We hiked up a rather rough trail, all the way to the top,
for a very breathtaking view of Cape Town, South Africa.

Our reward was a giant burger and beer at the top of the mountain.

A cute little restaurant, Fork, located on Long Street.
Needless to say,
it was a great day in Cape Town, South Africa.
And the next day I flew to Kruger National Park for a three day long safari!
It was one of the better sunsets I have ever witnessed.

Water buffalo, so many water buffalo.

B.A safari guide, hunter extraordinaire, and all around great guy...

he was a hungry lion.
The ULTIMATE Bad Ass, Cliff, our chain smoking, short-short wearing, safari guide.
And our jeep broke down in the middle of the road...
When we returned to Cape Town, we took a train out to Stellenbosch
for a bike and wine tasting tour.

What a cutie

Our day in Stellenbosch was one of my favorite days I have had on my trip.
Spent the entire day biking with people from all over the world and ate Easter lunch with new friends, all from different worlds.

Well, being home is great.
It has only been two days but looking at these pictures makes me miss traveling already.
Being back in the US has been the most culture shock of all.
But it feels so good to be back in Chicago, hanging with my boyfriend and my brother,
and a bunch of great friends.
Really, so happy to be back.
Dr. Suess could not have said it better-
"Don't be sad because it is over, smile because it happened."
-Mikey C

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